👨‍💻Custom hosting on your own server

  1. Choose Self-Managed Hosting: From the hosting options, select the "Custom Host"

  2. Provide Server Details: The bot will prompt you for details about your server, such as domain name, server IP, FTP username, and password.

  3. FTP Upload: Using the provided details, the bot will guide you on how to upload the website files to your server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

  4. Verify Upload: Once the files are uploaded, it's crucial to verify that everything is in place. Access your domain to ensure the website is live and functioning correctly.

  5. Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues, the bot provides troubleshooting tips and solutions to common problems.

Tip: Self-managed hosting is ideal for those who already have a hosting provider or want more control over their website's server and performance.

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