💳How to verify your premium status

  1. Why Ethereum?: Our unique verification process uses the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring a secure and transparent method to confirm your premium status.

  2. Initiating Verification: Click on the "verify" option provided by the bot.

  3. Sending Ethereum Transaction: You'll be prompted to send a 0 ETH transaction to a specific Ethereum address for verification purposes.

  4. Token Balance Check: Post verification, the bot checks the token balance in your Ethereum address. Holding ( 1000 tokens) confirms your premium status.

  5. Confirmation: Once the verification is successful, you'll be granted premium user status, unlocking all the exclusive features.

  6. Troubleshooting: If you face any issues during the verification process, the bot provides guidance and solutions to common challenges.

Tip: Using Ethereum for verification not only adds an extra layer of security but also integrates the world of blockchain with website creation, offering a futuristic approach.

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